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Donewell is a sales performance solution that improves your sales results. Built for Slack.

Keep your tools and workflows

Donewell is easy to setup and doesn't change the way your team works. Leverage your existing CRM data to improve sales.


More Sales

Align your team around activities that matter. Measure, set goals and challenge them to perform.


Define measurable goals and follow progress automatically. You can't improve what you don't measure.

Better hit rates

Create a process for success. Know what works and what doesn't. Make more sales without making more hires.


Bring data hidden in your CRM to the surface. Make it easily accessible to your team in a social context.


Create a culture of accountability in your sales team. Share successes and failures to reach new heights.


Challenge your already competitive salespeople to perform. Unlock the power in your sales data.

Built for slack.

Access powerful sales features in the team communications app your team already uses. No need to implement and learn new apps, workflows or TV dashboards. The Donewell bot can interact with your sales team in Slack via simple commands or scheduled notifications to any channel or user.

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How does it work?

Donewell offers a set of features specifically designed for sales teams.


Access any key metric from your CRM with ease. The metric is presented visually for the members of the channel to see. Make it easy to discuss actual data.


Gain insights into how your team is performing. Access different reports such as Benchmark and Funnels specifically designed for sales teams.


Salespeople need more than a quarterly quota to perform. Set activity based goals and track performance over time automatically. Make it easy to succeed.


Allow your salespeople to compete in sales competitions based on any metric, e.g. meetings booked, calls made or deals won. A fun way to drive activity.


Schedule any metric or report to be delivered to your users or channels in Slack. Perfect for daily or weekly summaries to keep your team engaged.


Trigger automated notifications to your sales channel whenever someone moves a deal to a particular stage or closes it. Make winning even more fun!

Successful customers

Our goal is to help our customers succeed in outperforming their targets.

Jari Asplund
TNG Group

"While using Donewell we have seen increases in productivity and motivation in the first month that alone made it a good investment. Other than that, my sales team is geographically distributed and thanks to Donewell I felt like I was sitting in all offices at once, and could support my team in ways not possible before."

Emanuel Viklund

"We have customers and salespeople in five continents, staying up to date with my sales team is a full time job. Through Donewell the team has better understanding of where we’re heading, how we’re performing and when we will reach our goals based on our productivity without putting in the time on reporting."

Johan Granqvist
HR North

"Donewell helps us align salesteam efforts with activities and goals that creates the most value in our sales process. It is also a great solution for working with individual goal setting and attainment, to create a culture of transparency, for better coaching and hosting sales competitions."

Make more sales with Donewell.

Donewell is easy to setup and doesn't change the way your team works. Keep your current tools and workflows.